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2021 Hajj Badal Package


You will receive

1) Certificate of Hajj Badal
2) Zam Zam Water (5 Litres)

1 copy of Al Quran Al Karim will be donated in Al Makkah Al Mukarramah on your behalf

Checkout Instructions

  • Enter name for Hajj Badal below
  • Enter billing and delivery details in the checkout page
  • If you wish to engage this service for more than one name, after ‘Add to cart’, press ‘Continue shopping’ to add another name.

Terms and Conditions

  1. I commission HajjBadal.SG to perform HajjBadal on behalf of the name that I submit for the sake of Allah Ta’ala.
  2. In any unforeseen circumstance that Hajj Badal is not able to be carried out, I can request for a full refund or have it carried out the next year.
  3. I will receive the above-mentioned items latest by December 2021.

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Product Details

Who will perform the Hajj Badal for you?

HajjBadal.SG is working with Syukran International & Travel for this service. They will engage locals from Medina/Mecca to perform the Hajj Badal on your behalf.

Insha Allah, once the items are ready to be delivered, you will be notified on the delivery date and time.

Payments can be made via PayNow or iBanking or ATM Transfer. Bank details will be shown after pressing Place Order button.